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Kumamoto:3-Month Report of Our Relief Mission

PWJ would like to express our sympathy to all people affected by the earthquakes in Kumamoto and other areas, we pray for their faster recovery.

Since immediately after the disaster struck the area, PWJ has been working on the earthquake disaster relief mission in Mashiki-town, Kumamoto, one of the most severely affected areas by the series of earthquakes happened in April 2016. All of our relief effort has been supported by individual donations, government grants, and in-kind and monetary contributions from our corporate supporters.


PWJ has been operating a temporary housing complex fitted out with prefabricated houses, camping and trailer automobiles in Mashiki town, Kumamoto. Because temporary housing complex is a newly created community and people don’t know about each other well unlike their original neighborhood, so it is common that residents tend to stay inside of their units much of the time. In order for the temporary housing residents to meet and interact, PWJ has been offering various activities as well as events at the complex.


Even though the Mashiki town has constructed 1285 temporary houses in 12 locations, it is not enough to house everyone in need of temporary houses. There are still 230 households staying at the evacuation center waiting for their temporary house to be completed. PWJ makes sure everyone is taken care of and continue providing necessary support to them.

Thank you for your continued support in making this Kumamoto relief mission possible.

PWJ’s preliminary report on our first three months of the Kumamoto Earthquakes relief activities in English has been made available to download from the link below.

Click on the links to see the PDF files
⇒Kumamoto Relief Mission (Three – Month)(English)

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