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PWJ will provide well renovation and construction support in Myanmar

Peace Winds Japan(PWJ) team has arrived in Hpa-an, the capital city for the Kayin State in southeastern Myanmar. In Kayin State, many remote villages suffer from lack of safe drinking water. While they rely on hand-dug wells for domestic water supply, such wells easily dry up especially towards the end of the dry season. People have access only to muddy water at the bottom of the well or nearby streams which are not adequate for their health and hygiene conditions.

This area has also been expected to receive returnees from refugee camps by the border in Thailand, but the current water supply condition makes it difficult for the returnees to settle back into their homeland.


PWJ will provide improved domestic water supplies by renovating the existing wells as well as constructing new wells in remote villages of Kayin State. PWJ team will soon be visiting villages for assessment and will be posting project activities regularly.


This project has been started by the funding from Japan Platform and JTI Foundation. Additional contributions from individual supporters as well as corporate sponsors will allow PWJ to help more people to have clean water access.

Thank you for your support!

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