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[Sierra Leone] Early Recovery Support to Mudslide and Flood Affected Communities in Kaningo, Freetown

In December, Peace Winds Japan (PWJ) begun early recovery projects to support communities affected by the flood and mudslide in August 2017 near Freetown, capital of Sierra Leone.  It had been over 4 months since heavy rain caused the floods and mudslide on a scale previously unseen.  People living in affected communities still need to rely on support from the government or NGOs to carry on their lives.

PWJ is working in Kaningo community which is one of the most flood affected areas outlying Freetown with its local partner Community Empowerment and Development Agency (CEDA).  PWJ and CEDA are going to rehabilitate community wells, and construct latrines at community school, and construct sanitation and hygiene facilities for the community health center.

Access to safe drinking water

Floods occur every rainy season near the river in Kaningo community. But this time was different from usual.

“I sensed the rain that day was distinctly different from the usual heavy rain, and we evacuated to Kaningo Community School at 3 am on August 14th. By then, the water had already surged in the kitchen and the bathroom. My family and I were able to evacuate out of the house safely.  At 7 am, a powerful flood came and my house was swept away.”  Aisha Kamara, who lives near a community well shared her ordeal.


Ms. Aisha Kamara showing the water level              Houses affected by the flood and mudslide

The flood and mudslide damaged, destroyed, as well as contaminated the wells all over Kaningo community which caused wells untit for drinking and left residents very little access to safe water access.  Shekuro Koroma, who lives near one of the polluted wells, told us, ‘’Now my wife goes to another well to fetch water because the water from this well is not fit to drink. She spends one hour getting there.’’


Mr. Shekuro Koroma and his wife

PWJ and CEDA are going to flush out the contaminated water and install a hand pump to the current well.  A lid will be installed with a hand pump to help protect the well water from the contamination as well as the muddy water when the next flood occurs.  We hope our well rehabilitation project will contribute to protect community against water born diseases and infections.  We are also committed to early recovery support including improvement of hygienic environment to Kaningo community.

This project is funded by grants from Japan Platform and donation from PWJ supporters.


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