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Philippines: PWJ to deploy emergency team to typhoon-hit areas

Super Typhoon Haiyan(locally known as Yolanda) swept through the Philippines leaving devastation in its wake. Official says more than 12 million people have been affected and 1.9million have been displaced by the storm.

Peace Winds Japan has dispatched an experienced emergency team to aid in the typhoon relief efforts in the Philippines.

Our emergency team will coordinate with our local partner, Citizen’s Disaster Response Center(CDRC), to prepare to deliver food, hygiene kits and other basic supplies for 5,000 households (30,000 people) in Southeast Samar area where the relief goods have not been reached yet.

Peace Winds Japan will continue survey the situation and decide how we can best help deliver the assistance, keeping in mind the midterm goal of helping people to resume their normal life.

Typhoon Yolanda_(c)CDRC軒下で過ごす被災者02(c)CDRC軒下で過ごす被災者(c)CDRC食糧など支援が求められる(c)CDRC(c)CDRC

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