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[Nepal] Safe water for villagers

Peace Winds Japan (PWJ) have accomplished the Project for Improving Water Access in Sindhupalchok District (PIWA) in cooperation with ISAP (Institution for Suitable Actions for Prosperity).
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On 28th February 2020, handover ceremony was held to handover the water facilities to villages. PWJ would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all for your kind cooperation to the project.

Nepal Photo1 small

Community water tap (women are grooming and washing clothes)

In the ceremony, chairperson of Water Users’ Committee, Mr. Pramod Tamang looked-back at the days when villagers suffered from countless water shortages.

Located in the mountains, Sindhupalchok district had always faced water shortages. However, the earthquake in 2015 caused geographical shifts in the water flow, and worsened the situation.  As a result, some families had to walk for two hours to access the new water source.  In addition, insufficient volume of water at the new water source decreased the number of villager’s laundries and bathing.

Accordingly, insufficient access to water expanded parched lands, compelling farmers to rely water on monsoon rain. Since agriculture is the major source of income for villagers, such state of affairs had impoverished the lives of villagers in recent years.

Construction of water facility led by PWJ and ISAP has enabled provision of not only safe drinking water but also daily life water to the villages. “Let’s start farming throughout the year to increase our income!”  Mr. Pramod Tamang speaks to the villagers with a joyful tone.

Mrs. Sushila Bhandari was pressed by farming and housework, while raising five children and taking care of her mother-in-law with paralysis. She states “Before, it was difficult to secure safe drinking water. Farming is the only way I can support my family and without water, I can’t grow nor sell vegetables. But now I can irrigate enough to my crops without worrying water shortage. I will be able to earn money, feed my family and get my children educated.”

Mr. Shraman Kumar, Chairperson of Rural Municipality and Mr Ram Kumar Thapa, Ward Chairperson calls for regular maintenance and cleaning of the water facility and says “Today is the starting day. From now on, we have to maintain the facilities by ourselves to keep the water running.”

Since villagers themselves actively took part in the construction of facilities, they care and feel attached to the facilities even more. If the villagers can continue to maintain the facilities appropriately, adequate water is expected to be supplied to the village for the next 20 years.

A new chapter of life for villagers are about to begin.

Nepal Photo2

Villagers helping the piping installation

PWJ and ISAP will continue to construct water facilities in the district and will implement the livelihood improvement projects for the villagers by using the water from the facilities. We anticipate that the water utilization for farming will contribute to the stable income of villagers.

This project was implemented through Grant Aid for Japanese NGO’s Projects, funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, along with the cooperation from the Government of Nepal and local residents.

PWJ would appreciate your continued support!

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