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[Ukraine]Emergency Support for Ukrainian Refugees


Peace Winds Japan is dispatching staff to Poland to help refugees who are fleeing Ukraine following Russia’s invasion. German media estimates up to 1 million Ukrainians will seek refuge in EU nations, such as Poland, which is already readying 1 million accommodations. This project is being carried out in anticipation of the humanitarian impact on Ukrainians, which UNHCR High Commissioner for Refugees, Filippo Grandi, has said will be “devastating.” Your kind support is warmly appreciated.


Within 24 hours of Russia announcing that it would launch military operations against Ukraine, dozens of deaths were reported. Media reports suggest close to 400,000 Ukrainian citizens have already fled their country and that anywhere up to 1 million will seek refuge in nearby European nations, including Poland. Poland has already started to secure accommodations for up to 1 million people, but if estimates prove correct their will be a huge need for logistics and other assistance on the ground

PWJ staff will hit the ground running, analyzing the situation in Poland and surveying the areas where assistance is most needed. Staff will also communicate with reliable local partner organizations, negotiating the most effective ways to provide emergency assistance to the hundreds of thousands of refugees who are expected to arrive there. By acting in an efficient, targeted manner, PWJ will support entities in Poland to provide the most expedient help for Ukrainians seeking refuge there.


Long-Term Impact
Keeping in mind that the conflict could continue for some time, this project will look into various potential emergency support areas that will provide long-term support to those affected by the disaster, including food and medical support. It will also investigate other potential ways PWJ can offer assistance according to local needs. By so doing, PWJ can retain a degree of flexibility to adapt to changing situations on the ground and gauge what is needed on a day-to-day basis.

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