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[Haiti]Delivering Mobility Aids to 120 disabled people in southern Haiti

Peace Winds would like to thank you for your donations to support those affected by the large earthquake in the Republic of Haiti on August 14, 2021. With your support, we were able to distribute mobility aids, such as crutches, walkers, and wheelchairs, to people with disabilities who are particularly vulnerable, creating an environment where they can live with as much freedom and peace of mind as possible.

Joseph Pierrot is a one of the recipients from our assistance.  “When I was nine years old, I lost both legs in a car accident. Suddenly I was handicapped which was very difficult both physically and mentally. Before the earthquake, we sold processed products such as peanut butter to support our four children and their families. Then when the earthquake happened, the factory where I worked collapsed, and I lost my job. Haiti’s unemployment rate has worsened after the earthquake, making it even more difficult for us with disabilities to find new jobs.”

With the donations from Peace Winds supporters, Joseph received a new wheelchair.  “The wheelchair I was using was very old and the seat was torn, making it difficult to move and use for long periods of time. I needed a new one wheelchair but couldn’t afford it, so I am very grateful to Peace Winds for providing me with one. After the earthquake and losing my job, I have felt very depressed, but the new wheelchair makes it easier for me to move freely on my own, and I feel a little more positive about the future. ”



Old wheelchair (Left)  Joseph in a new wheelchair (Right)

Williame Denis, Peace Winds Program Manager said “Through conducting a needs assessment survey and providing support to our beneficiaries, I have sadly come to realize that Haitians with disabilities are facing even more challenges after the earthquake. In disasters like this, disabled individuals are more likely to be victims; when you’re in a wheelchair, it’s hard to evacuate by yourself from a collapsed house filled with debris. Although people with disabilities have the right to work like any other citizen, they often have a hard time getting a job. Peace Winds has been providing items like crutches to disabled Haitians in need following the earthquake, and our beneficiaries have been extremely grateful. We hope to continue to support their recovery process.”
Williame photo

Peace Winds plans to continue helping earthquake affected communities in Haiti.

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