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[Ukraine] World Childrens Day for Ukraine Children

Peace Winds Japan (PWJ) held an event on World Children’s Day (1st June) in cooperation with Technical University of Moldova, which operates four Refugee Accommodation Centers (RACs) in its student dormitories.


Currently, there are about 60 displaced Ukrainian families, including about 80 children in those RACs in the University.
One of the main concerns in the RACs is that opportunities for children to play are dwindling. Due to the prolonged evacuation, children and their parents have also been stressed out.
PWJ organized outdoor activities for children on the campus of the university to address their concerns. Children played tug-of-war, danced with character mascots, and enjoyed snacks such as popcorn and cotton candy. They also had fun on the trampolines, go-carts, and other playground equipment.

Parents and children attending the event

Expressing their feelings and choosing what they like in this kind of setting help children improve their self-esteem and autonomy.
Mothers were all smiles as they watched their children playing enthusiastically. One of them said, “It’s been a long time since I’ve seen them having so much fun.”

Receiving a pie of traditional Moldovan food in exchange for what you want with your ticket.

The event, attended by Ukrainian children and more than 100 Moldavian elementary school children and pre-school children, provided a good opportunity for them to interact with each other.

PWJ staff (second from left) and the wife of the Ambassador of Ukraine to Moldova (second from right)

Madam Olesia Shevchenko, wife of the Ambassador of Ukraine to Moldova, also attended the event and made the following comments.
“It is very important to organize such an event that can cheer up these children. I have seen PWJ’s activities at some RACs too. Thank you very much for your energetic support.”
PWJ will continue its relief activities to help Ukrainian refugees regain their dignity and lead peaceful life.
This project is supported by individuals, corporations, and local Moldovan people. We look forward to your continued warm support.

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