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[Ukraine] Winterization aid warms body and heart

In early November 2022, with the onset of winter in snow and freezing temperatures, Peace Winds provided heaters to a refugee support center in Moldova which provides food assistance to displaced Ukrainians. Two infrared heaters were delivered to the Moldova Film Supplies Distribution Center, run by a local NGO, Moldova for Peace.


The staff of Peace Winds and Moldova for Peace with the provided infrared heaters(far left and right)

The center has been distributing “care packages” to those fled from Ukraine since the beginning of the crisis. The package includes food, hygiene kits, and baby items if needed.
About 350 displaced Ukrainian families visit the center every week, many of whom recently arriving in Moldova. After completing refugee registration, they receive humanitarian supplies during the daytime from Monday to Saturday. The center also operates on Sunday to bring in and sort aid.


Inside the Moldova Film Supplies Distribution Center

As the center, previously used as a space for filming movies, was not equipped with heating system, staff and refugees had no choice but to endure freezing cold.
The longer the war goes on, the harder it has become to maintain this support center to provide humanitarian assistance due to decrease of donations, rise of global energy prices. Last year, the center faced a shortage of food items, and was not able to aquire heaters. However, with the efforts of people involved, the center managed to survive to provide support.
The large infrared heaters were installed in the reception area for people to warm themselves up.


A boy and his family from Odessa observing a heating system being installed

During the hardest winter months, people feel physically and mentally cold. The infrared heaters are put to great use to warm bodies and hearts of refugees as well as aid workers.
Natalia Rahmistriuc, member of Moldova for Peace, told us,
“Thank you very much for all the help you have given to the people of Ukraine.
The warm support from the people of Japan motivates us to continue our activities, no matter what the circumstances.”


Ms. Rahmistriuc (Right)

You can find more information about this activity on Moldova for Peace’s Facebook page.

One year has passed since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and there is no end in sight for the war.
Peace Winds will continue its humanitarian activities for the people of Ukraine.
*This project was made possible by generous support from individuals, corporations and the Moldovan people.
We respectfully ask for your continued warm support.

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