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[Ukraine] Delivering aid packages to Ukrainian refugees hosted by Moldovan families

Peace Winds Japan has been helping refugees all around the Republic of Moldova. More than one year into the conflict, 106,000 Ukrainian refugees continue to live their lives in Moldova, according to UNHCR. Besides those who living in the refugee facilities, a lot of families are hosted by Moldovan families, throughout the country.
We have delivered aid packages to refugees living in areas like Chisinau, Nisporeni, Balti, Criuleni, Glodeni, Donduseni, Calarasi, Cahul, to deal with the winter challenges. Depending on the region, we have provided warm meals, electronic heating items, bedding items, clothing and shoes.


On the 27th and 28th of March, the Peace Winds team distributed aid packages to those who live in Nisporeni and Criuleni. Most of the beneficiaries are older people, women and children, who have been hosted by local people. The packages contain: a double bedding set, a set of towels, warm drinks (tea and coffee packs), womens’ hygiene pads, diapers and torch lights. Packages were handed to a total of 55 households in Nisporeni and Criuleni, reaching a total of 145 individuals.


Amongst the refugees that we met were Maria, a 36 years old mother, and her daughter, Alissa, 7 years old, who came from Nikolaev in March 2022. As they had just several hours to collect their belongings before running away from missile attacks, they managed to grab just the documents, some clothes, and their dog, Simba.


Today, they live with a host family in Baltata, Criuleni. Alissa is attending the local school, and her mother, Maria, is working as a teacher assistant at the local kindergarten. They received our help with tearful eyes: “We are truly moved by all the help that we receive from kind people.”
April in Moldova can still be cold with average lowest temperature of 4℃. We continue our effort to deliver aid packages that keep their body and heart warm. We appreciate your continuous support.

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