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[Ukraine]Peace Winds Japan manages “Smart Classes” so that children from Ukraine continue their education even in exile

Peace Winds Japan has set up and manages five “Smart Classes” where children from Ukraine continue their education online while they live in Moldova. Since late last year, more than 90 pupils have been attending such classes equipped with computers.

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A room in a refuge shelter in Glodeni District was renovated into a “Smart Class.”
A total of 90 computers are provided to the “Smart Classes.”
Each pupil receives a set of study kit on his or her first visit to the class.
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A girl seems happy to try turning on the computer after learning how.

Many Ukrainian schools provide online classes so that children can continue their education even in a time of war. Therefore, pupils can attend the schools they used to belong to as long as they have computers and communication environment even when they are away from their homes.

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A girl attends the school which she used to commute in Ukraine online.

A mother of a pupil who comes to one of the “Smart Classes,” Ms. Yaroslava shared her story.
“I would never forget the invasion on February 24th, 2022. Without knowing what’s going on, we escaped to a subway station at around 3:30 a.m. I could never forget the fear in my children’s eyes. The bombing stopped after one hit a park where my younger child always wants to go to play. My life came to a halt on that day. I panicked but somehow managed to cross the border to Moldova. All I could think was to take my children to a safe place. It’s been more than half a year since we settled in Moldova. Those of us who escaped from Ukraine have various backgrounds and want to reach different places, but we all share the common wish of going home.”
Until that day, we wish the “Smart Classes” provide safe and comfortable place for children to continue their education.
●Short Visit Home for the Easter
The Orthodox Church of Ukraine celebrated Easter on April 16th. Because it is a time for Ukrainian families to come together, many Ukrainians living in asylum wished to go home especially around Easter. There are many Ukrainians escaped from Odessa, a southern port city which is only 4-hours-drive from the border, living in Moldova and many of their families and relatives still live in Odessa. While some pupils took a few days off for Easter, their laughter is coming back to the “Smart Classes” after the holidays.

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Colorful Easter eggs are traditionally made of raw eggs in Ukraine.

We need to provide flexible support to meet the changing needs of the displaced people as the war prolongs. Peace Winds Japan continues to do our best to provide necessary support to the people of Ukraine.
This project has been supported by fund provided by the Japan Platform and with contributions from individual and corporate donors.

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