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[Afghanistan]Earthquake Emergency Relief: Distribution of food and essential supplies

On June 22, 2022, a magnitude 5.9 earthquake struck southeastern Afghanistan at 1:30 AM local time. The Taliban interim government reported that at least 1,000 people had died and over 1,500 people were injured, prompting an urgent appeal for international assistance. Furthermore, on June 24, an aftershock of magnitude 4.2 occurred, resulting in at least 1,150 deaths, including 155 children, and 1,600 injuries, including 250 children, with 65 children losing their caregivers.
To address this situation, Peace Winds initiated support in Gayan (Giyan) District, one of the hardest-hit regions, in Paktika Province, starting from August 15, 2022, in collaboration with a local partner organization.
Paktika Province was already home to a high number of impoverished individuals even before the earthquake, and the disaster further exacerbated the challenging conditions. Particularly in Gayan District, located in mountainous terrain, numerous houses were destroyed, leading to the loss of food reserves and creating an extremely difficult environment. However, there was insufficient support to meet the demand in the district.
In the earthquake-struck areas, several organizations were involved in providing assistance to the affected population, leading to the formation of a committee comprising local residents and administrative representatives. Our organization coordinated with this committee and selected nine villages in Gayan District, targeting 498 households for the distribution of food and essential supplies. The food packages included 50kg of wheat flour, 25kg of rice, 5 liters of oil, 7kg of lentils, and 1kg of salt. Additionally, we provided essential household items such as pots, plates, spoons, cooking utensils, stoves, soap, and laundry soap. Considering the onset of the cold winter, we also distributed blankets, winter shawls for women, and gas stoves. These efforts contributed to improving the living conditions of the affected individuals.


Voices of the beneficiaries
Roman, 26 years old, resides in Kamal Village, Gayan District, Paktika Province.
“When the earthquake struck and I woke up, I felt immense fear. First, I helped my disabled father out. Then, I contacted my relatives and friends. For us, it was an extremely terrifying moment. In our village, many houses made of mud were destroyed. Furthermore, four of our relatives were buried under the rubble due to collapsed structures caused by the earthquake. I am grateful for the support provided to us.”


Gul Rahman, 55 years old, was asleep when the earthquake occurred at midnight.
“It started with ominous sounds, and thousands of roofs and rooms nearby collapsed, resulting in injuries and fatalities. It was a harrowing moment, but I am relieved that I managed to survive. I still bear the trauma caused by the earthquake, and I still feel tremors, although they have subsided compared to the initial phase. However, whenever I hear a loud noise, I feel like another earthquake is coming and I instinctively try to escape. Though a tragic incident occurred, thank you for assisting us.”


The support activities conducted in Gayan District, Paktika Province, southeastern Afghanistan, which suffered severe damage from an earthquake, have been a significant step towards the reconstruction of the affected people’s lives. For the people of Afghanistan who are enduring challenging circumstances, Peace Winds will continue to provide ongoing support.
This activity was funded by Japan Platform and generous donations from our supporters.

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