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[Turkey]The distribution of more than 12,400 emergency assistance packages for earthquake victims in four villages in Hatay Province, southeast Turkiye is complete

While more than five months have passed since a large area of southeastern Turkiye was struck by two devastating earthquakes, still many people in the disaster-hit areas are living in temporary dwellings such as tents and containers. With financial support from Japan Platform, Peace Winds has distributed essential food and daily commodities to residents of two more villages in addition to Tanisma and Madenboyu villages we have been helping for the past months. The two villages we have expanded our activities to are neighboring Avsuyu and Bozhuyuk villages. By mid-July, we have delivered more than 12,400 packages of food and daily commodities in total.

distribution in Avsuyu village

All four municipalities are located in Hatay Province, which was one of the hardest hit areas. In Tanisma, Madenboyu and Bozhuyuk around 70 percent to 80 percent of the respective populations are living in tents. And while Avsuyu was not as badly affected by the quakes in terms of structural damage, it is home to a large Syrian refugee community residing in a tent community on the outskirts of the village with only the most basic infrastructure.
During the period of activities there, Peace Winds distributed:
●3,502 food packages and 1,834 packages of daily commodities in Tanisma
●3,752 food packages and 1,886 packages of daily commodities in Madenboyu
●450 food packages and 450 packages of daily commodities in Bozhuyuk
●300 food packages and 300 packages of daily commodities in Avsuyu
These support packages are not adequate to support all the residents because there still is an influx of evacuees from other areas.

residents help the preparation for the distribution

Those living in the tent village in Avsuyu are facing some of the most challenging conditions. Some 107 families are living inside 50 basic tents in the “village,” which is located out in the open, with no shade from the scorching sun. It is served by two intermittent water outlets, and four showers and toilets (two each for men and women). Sanitary conditions are poor, and are expected to worsen as the summer temperatures rise. According to the community’s leader, around one-third of the refugees are small children.

distribution in Bozhuyuk village

●International Art Festival for Children around the World
Amid these ongoing difficulties, Peace Winds has also sought to spend time with the villages’ children, the majority of whom have been unable to return to school due to structural damages to school buildings. In Tanisma and Madenboyu, Peace Winds staff gathered children together to create artworks to be entered in the International Art Festival for Children Around the World. The children worked diligently and enthusiastically to draw colorful pictures reflecting the theme of the festival this year, which is “Family,” and to write about memories and feelings relating to that theme.

children drawing pictures

A 12-year-old girl in Tanisma expressed her gratitude to those who had donated to the project, adding she was determined to “study Japanese and as soon as possible visit Japan” to meet donors face-to-face.

a letter of gratitude

Peace Winds is already preparing for the distribution of “summerization” items, such as fans, mosquito nets and cooler boxes. We are also looking into other activities going forward that will support the affected people. Your continued support is greatly appreciated.

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