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[Ukraine]Kindergartens reopened after 20 months

Two kindergartens in Chernihiv city in Ukraine which were destroyed by Russian attacks last year reopened in late October. Children’s voices and laughter filled the newly opened kindergartens.



Peace Winds has been repairing and renovating Kindergarten No.4 and Kindergarten No.72 in Chernihiv City. These kindergartens were destroyed by Russian missile attacks and many windows were shattered by the explosions. The water supply, electricity, and heating facilities were also significantly damaged. In preparation for the harsh winter ahead, new heating systems were installed to ensure that the children have a warm, cozy place to nap in.



Beautifully restored 72nd Kindergarten, with the walls showing the remains of the damage

In each of these kindergartens, cherry saplings were planted to commemorate the connection with Japan. Staff from Peace Winds and the engineers involved in the renovation also participated in the tree-planting.


At the Kindergarten No.4, children performed traditional Ukrainian dances as part of the opening ceremony.



The Director of the Kindergarten No.4, Arla (left), expressed her joy saying “This project started with clearing away the rubbles of the destruction, and the renovated kindergarten is very warm and comfortable.” The Director of the Kindergarten No.72, Agnia (right) said, “Today’s reopening feels like a second birthday.”

Every time we visit, the outdoor canopy wall at the Kindergarten No.4 is enriched with new paintings

At the entrance of Kindergarten No.4, a plaque was set up explaining that Peace Winds Japan had conducted the renovation with support from the Japan Platform

*Peace Winds’ activities in Ukraine are made possible through donations from the people and grants from Japan Platform.

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