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[Palestine]We are delivering food to Gaza where the very difficult situation is getting worse every day

It has been over five months since the situation in the Gaza Strip has significantly deteriorated. Civilian casualties from attacks by the Israeli military continue unabated, with over 31,000 people killed and more than 73,000 injured as of March 20th.

Destroyed houses in Gaza

Even before October 7th, nearly half of the population in Gaza lived in poverty. However, the prolonged military attacks and blockade have exacerbated the humanitarian crisis. The shortage of food and drinking water leaves no room for delay. According to the United Nations, almost the entire population of around 2.2 million in Gaza faces the risk of starvation, with over 1.9 million experiencing “emergency” or “catastrophic” levels of malnutrition. Attacks on trucks transporting aid supplies and distribution sites further exacerbate the absolute shortage of food. Particularly in southern Rafah, where over 1.5 million people have sought refuge, access to food and other supplies has become extremely challenging.

Southern Rafah is crowded with tents

To address this crisis, Peace Winds, with funding from the Japan Platform (JPF), continues to implement projects focusing on the distribution of food and other supplies. By the end of February, we distributed vegetables to 785 households in southern Rafah and 500 households in central Deir Al-Balah. Though procuring food and hygiene items within Gaza is extremely difficult due to the scarcity of resources resulting from the blockade, vegetables from farmland are still barely obtainable.
Recipients expressed gratitude, stating that they were able to alleviate hunger and see their family smile again, and they urged for continued support. Additionally, a truck carrying food packages for 1,176 households arrived in central Gaza on March 2nd after crossing the Egypt border, completing distribution.

Food distribution in southern Rafah

In the future, Peace Winds plans to transport approximately 3,000 households’ worth of food from Egypt, distribute locally purchased food to around 1,250 households in southern Rafah and 400 households in Gaza City, and provide assistance with drinking water in Gaza City.

Food distribution in Deir Al Baraha

Two local staff members of Peace Winds have experienced indescribable hardships, having lost relatives or friends to gunfire from the Israeli military. Despite this, they support our activities through coordination with partner organizations and reporting on local conditions.
However, the prolonged displacement exacerbates the hardships. Heart-wrenching messages frequently arrive, such as “My wife has become mentally distressed and cannot eat anything,” “My daughter has been grieving the loss of her uncle since my brother was killed,” and “My father has been detained.”
As there are no signs of the merciless military attacks by the Israeli military ceasing, future support activities are expected to become even more challenging. Nevertheless, Peace Winds will continue to support activities through every possible means.

Preparing food to be distributed in Southern Rafah

On the other hand, it is essential to emphasize once again that what the people of Gaza most desire is the realization of a permanent ceasefire. Without stopping the massacre of civilians, regaining normalcy is impossible, no matter how much food and hygiene supplies are secured.
To prevent further casualties on both sides of Israel and Palestine, we urgently appeal for an immediate ceasefire.
We would like to thank all of our supporters for your continued support.

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