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[Ukraine]Peace Winds improved the living condition of internally displaced people by delivering dryers

More than two years have passed since Russian full-scale invasion of Ukraine. As their life away from home is prolonged, the needs of those who evacuated from war-torn areas to safer places within Ukraine have changed. One of the things people needed was the dryer among other home appliances. Peace Winds, with financial support from the employees of Panasonic Group, delivered dryers to IDP collective center in Kyiv Oblast.


We delivered dryers to the collective center in the dormitory of Boguslav Applied Humanitarian College where about 100 IDPs live. Previously, people had to hang their clothes in a very limited space or freezing cold outdoors because there were not enough dryers. Some people were troubled by wet clothes hanging in their rooms lowering the room temperature. In order to solve these problems, we delivered several dryers to meet the living standard for IDP collective centers suggested by the United Nations.
We asked the director of the collective center, Mr. Lysak Stanislav Volodymyrovych, how the dryers improved the living conditions at the center.

He said, “It has been more than a year and a half since we opened this collective center. I’ve lived here since the time there were nothing here at all. Automatic washers and dryers made our lives easy. Before we had dryers, some residents tried to dry their clothes by spinning washing machines at high speed and broke them. Now we have dryers on each floor and people are handling them with care.”
Mr. Stanislav wishes to renovate some rooms to accessible bathrooms and has more ideas to improve the life in the collective center. He wishes to receive continuous support. What is it like to have to continue to live in collective centers with no prospect of going home soon? He described it as the following. “Someone got married, someone was born, someone was seen of to their last journey, but we have been living like this for two years now.”
Peace Winds continues to support people in need. We ask for your continuous kind support. Thank you.

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