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[Turkiye]Horse-riding Experience for Children

On February 6 last year, one of the most devastating earthquakes in Turkiye’s history occurred. While the debris continues to be cleared and towns reconstructed, there still is a need for psychological support for the affected people.

Peace Winds Japan, in cooperation with the local NGO SRP (Solidarity Respect & Friendship), continues to meet this need and heal the wounds in the hearts of people affected by the earthquake through the psychosocial support project. Especially for children, we provide child-friendly space in container camps so that children can relax and heal in a safe environment.


As a part of this psychosocial support activities, we held horse-riding activities for the children in the camp. We tried to provide a special experience for children whose lives tend to become monotony and routine in the camps. Animals are known to have therapeutic power. In particular, horses have a long historical bond with humans and it is known that interaction with them via activities such as horse-riding help people to cope with mental issues. We hope that children become free from stress through this experience.
For the participating children, it was the first time they actually saw, touched, called their names and fed the horses, which they had only seen in picture books. Some of them seemed anxious at first but gained self-confidence after riding a horse, and others encouraged their friends to enjoy the challenge.
“I tried it, it was very good.”
“A horse is very tall, very fun.”
“You can do this.”
“The horse likes to be touched by their hair.”
“I was scared too, but you should definitely try it.”
“Horses are warm…”
By seeing and listening to the children, we learned that such experience has a huge impact on children even when it is difficult for them to be hopeful. And the parents were so happy to see their children lively and smiling, too.

This project has been made possible with your contribution and financial help from the Japan Platform. Thank you very much.

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