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Japan : PWJ SAR Team concluded emergency response to the flood


September 12, 2015, PWJ’s SAR team continued its flood relief activities in Joso City, Ibaraki Prefecture, where many parts of the city are still under the water. PWJ mobilized two amphibian vehicles and transported nursing home staff so that they could provide proper care to over 100 elderlies who are trapped inside.

Special appreciations go to Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. for donating urethane mattresses, tarpolin sheets, Jerrycans and plastic wrap rolls which PWJ delivered to the depot of relief supplies in Joso City.


After communicating with the Emergency Management Head Office in Joso City, PWJ found out that there is no additional need for the Search and Rescue operations including deployment of SAR dogs, so PWJ has concluded SAR activities.

PWJ will continue to conduct needs assessments at the evacuation center as well as other communities affected by the flood and support additional relief activities.

PWJ would like to thank for the donations we have received for the flood relief activities. Your donations will support PWJ’s SAR activities and flood relief operations.
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