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Kumamoto: Emergency shelters set up in Mashiki Town

As numerous aftershocks continue to pose risks of further damage and prolong anxiety of those affected by the two large earthquakes that struck Kumamoto on 14 and 16 April, Peace Winds Japan (PWJ) brought in two “balloon shelters,” large-size, air-inflated tents, to Mashiki Town on 17 April. Mashiki was hit by the largest jolt in the area, and there are more than 9,000 people staying at evacuation centers in the town. PWJ’s two balloon shelters have been set up on the lawn of Mashiki Athletic Park and are being used as special shelters for women and for those evacuees with animal pets respectively.


Meanwhile, PWJ’s search and rescue (SAR) team that had been mobilized and engaged in the life-saving operation concluded its activities and pulled out of the disaster area. PWJ’s actions in Kumamoto are being carried out in partnership/coordination with Civic Force and Asia-Pacific Alliance for Disaster Management


The earthquakes have killed 42 people and left more than 150,000 taking refuge at some 700 evacuation centers scattered in Kumamoto and neighboring Oita Prefectures.

PWJ is accepting donations to support our emergency response and SAR team activities. You can help people in the earthquake-affected area through supporting our emergency relief operations.
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