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West-Japan Floods– Activity Report (One Year)

West-Japan Floods– Activity Report (One Year)

Everything has changed since this day last year. The West Japan Floods devastated a wide area around Hiroshima, Okayama, and Ehime Prefectures. Shortly after the disaster struck, Peace Winds Japan’s Search-and-Rescue Team intervened and we have been on the ground ever since.

In Mabi-town, the ongoing rapid recovery is clearly visible. Shops are re-opened with large varieties of inventory and affected houses are undergoing renovation and reconstruction. However, the less visible conditions are just as important, if not more. Many of the affected people still feel anxiety when it rains. More than 7,000 people are still residing at temporary shelters; feelings of loneliness and discouragement due to being displaced are prevalent.

What they need most to overcome last year’s nightmare and anxiety about the next possible disaster is strengthening community ties. PWJ is working to provide spaces and occasions for displaced people to gather and learn about disaster risk reduction (DRR). Training and events regarding DRR will be provided to first responders including medical and social welfare workers.

Our mission to assist the affected community has only just begun.



First period (day to week)

PWJ provided assistance immediately after the disaster. Rescue activities, distribution of supplies and medical assistance at shelters, support for the operation of shelters, and temporary care of pets.

Rescue activities at Mabi Memorial Hospital

Support for the operation of shelters

Environmental improvement of shelters – Installation of corrugated bed and partition

Leading a management meeting held in a school every day

Medical activities at elementary schools that became shelters

Horse rescue left behind on roof

Providing the necessary supplies for shelters

Providing drinking water and underwear in Kamishima-cho, which has been cut off

Emergency period (1 week to 3 months)

We used trailers at shelters, cooked hot rice, and kept pets in temporary care during the day. In addition, i started to support people who started moving into temporary housing and take care of their hearts.

Shelter clinic sit in medical trailers that can be used at night

Temporary pet custody in a private trailer

PWJ Fair Trade Coffee is offered at various shelters

Invited children from the disaster area to the midsummer snow festival

Support for the resumption of visiting nursing stations that have been affected

A summer festival where people from the scattered area were reunited.

Recovery and Reconstruction Period (3 months to)

We provided support for temporary housing, orphaned temporary housing, and household housing for evacuees.
We also provided support to clinics and facilities for the elderly as a base for the community.

Providing medical equipment to clinics

Provision of household appliances

Providing bedding and household goods

Small Multifunctional Home Repair

Peacewinds Japan’s Activities in the Future

We will continue to work with local residents to create communities where people can live with peace of mind and those who are away can come back.

Hearing the situation at the time of the disaster

Held a disaster response workshop for administrative staff and others.

A birthday that was a celebration of tears overcoming a disaster

Providing opportunities for local people to gather after they have become separated

We will provide your support to the people who need it in this way. PWJ continues to accept donations to support victims of heavy rains in Western Japan. We look forward to your warm support.

Support for flooding area in western Japan

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